First Post

Welcome to the Home Page

Sorry, this is still very much a ‘work in progress!  The main reasons for this are first that I still don’t have internet at home and have to load the blog during the few hours when I have access elsewhere, and secondly that I’m a bit of a novice at the blogging business and still need help from more expert computerists to avoid making ‘orrible mistakes.

Anyway, check out the page ‘Setting out my Stall’ for a quick guide to me and what I’m trying to do with this blog.  For now everything else will be posted below this bit – a mix of news and essays.  Look out for the ‘But Seriously’ strand in which I will be exploring the biblical teaching on ‘church and state’.

I belong to the Greater Manchester Anabaptist Study Group, although that’s a rather formal name for a friendly get-together of usually a dozen or more assorted people with an interest in the issues raised by Anabaptism (if we all turned up together I think there are around 30 of us).  These meetings are at the Quaker Meeting House on Station Road, Cheadle Hulme, STOCKPORT – about a 5 min. walk from Cheadle Hulme railway station.  They are usually on the third Monday of the month, from 7.30 till 9.30 approx., so the next one will be Monday 18 March Coffee/tea/biscuits supplied, we usually make a £1 each donation to the Quakers for using the premises.  Currently we are looking at I Peter; despite Peter’s status as the supposed ‘first Pope’ this epistle is about the least Catholic and most Anabaptist bit of the New Testament!


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