Update plus Anglicans and youth….

A bit of a quick update; I’ve just been spending a month mainly involved in my hobby as a railway modeller, and a few other assorted activities, and haven’t had a lot of time for the blog.  I’m at the coming ‘National Model Railway Exhibition’ at the Birmingham NEC this weekend (23-4 November) helping to exhibit a layout from the Romiley Club – ‘Romiley Methodist Railway Modellers’ as we grew out of a charity show being run for the Methodist national children’s charity ‘Action for Children’.  Once that’s out of the way I hope to get back to the ‘But Seriously’ strand exploring Romans 13.  A smaller model show on Dec 14 where we are helping a group based at St Andrew’s Anglican church, Cheadle Hulme, shouldn’t distract me too much….

Did you see the newspaper headline about decline of the Anglicans?  No less than former Archbishop George Carey was worrying that the Church wasn’t attracting young people.  I have to say that Anglicanism’s establishment gives it problems there, as it isn’t offering a challenge to youngsters but, well, establishment – that is, conformity in society.  As such youngsters are going to be much more interested in rebellion; the snag being it’s all too easy to end up as an aimless, negative and destructive ‘rebel without a cause’ as per James Dean, or to end up in a more exciting but still harmful kind of rebellion as a revolutionary or, say, an Islamic Jihadist.

Biblical Christianity, in contrast to Anglicanism, offers neither conformity nor a reaction into violent rebellion but a challenging non-conformity ‘with a cause’, living for God in a sinful and hostile world, seeking to make a positive mark in God’s name.  Now that might offer a real challenge to teenagers….


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